Stunning two-part plant pots from Barcelona-based brand Mari Mascot. The tops and bases are interchangeable with all the other pieces in this series.


Each pot consists of 2 unglazed Catalan stoneware pieces measuring approximately 19cm high x 11-12cm diameter.


The pots can be used as a plant pot or a simply as a decorative object. Thrown from a sandy-textured, high grog stoneware that remains slightly porous after firing makes them perfect for plants, as the roots can breathe easier. They’re particularly good for cactus and succulents, who like to dry out completely between waterings.


All these pieces are wheel-thrown in small batches and for this reason every piece will vary slightly and show signs of their handmade nature.


  • If you use your pot for more moisture-loving plants, the surface of your pot could develop a patina - which has its own very organic beauty, but is something to keep in mind.  

    When it's time to water the plant, carry the top part to a sink or other area where it can drain free, and let the water run out before replacing it on the base.  The base of the two-part plant pot is designed to catch a few drips, but not to hold a lot of water - it could leach out.  For this reason, we don't recommend using your two-part plant pot as a vase.

    Cleaning the pot is most easily done when it is dry, with a soft- or medium-bristle brush.

  • Delivered within 2 working days.