Hard working hands deserve hard working hand cream! A rich, long lasting and nourishing hand cream that will look after and moisturise dry skin.


Available in 5 scents:


Geranimum + Orange is a scent boasting sweet floral tones with a fresh energising citrus aroma, softened with warm and delicately spiced undertones.


Honey + Jojoba with extracts of corn poppy, plant butter and vitamin E, this hand cream is full of natural ingredients and essential oils. Jojoba oil has proven to have benefits including repairing damaged skin, protecting skin from ageing and keeping skin moisturised, nourished and healthy. The oil that is extracted from the jojoba bean is a bit of a unique ingredient your skin will love.


Seaweed & Samphire will refresh those seaside memories of the invigorating sea air and mist on your skin. Salt-water seaweed blended with the dark, woody aromas of samphire creates a rich fragrance. Our most popular fragrance includes notes of salty seaweed with woody, musky tones of samphire.


Wild Fig & Saffron is a truly fitting autumnal fragrance. Think of woodlands brimming with juicy blackcurrants, ripe wild figs and spicy crimson saffron. Packed with beneficial ingredients that work to replenish skin.


Lime + Ginger combines two of our favourite scents to create a fresh, zesty & spicy fragrance. Bright and welcoming, the ideal fragrance for any home. Lime & Ginger offers a fregrance that will never get boring and will always bring a smile to your face.


Bergamot + Lavender boasts a complex and bright blend carrying citrus tones, delicately spiced and softened with sweet floral notes of French Lavender. Layer this light hand cream onto hands to leave skin hydrated and healthy with a lasting bright, floral fragrance.


    • Size 75ml / 2.5fl oz
    • Aluminium tube
    • Waterproof label
    • Dermotologically tested
    • Not tested on animals
    • No Parabens
    • Made in England
  • Delivered within 3 working days.