Kleensoaps make cold processed vegan soap on a rope using only high quality, natural ingredients with packaging that is recycled and recyclable. Not tested on animals, Kleensoaps are hand-crafted and cured for a minimum of 4 weeks for a hard long lasting bar and beautiful creamy lather.


The aromatherapeutic scents that engulf you as you cleanse your body, to the joyful chunkiness of the bar, the tried-and-tested rope designs, all enrich your time in the shower.


Availble in 3 gorgeous scents: -


Tall Dark + Handsome (Coffee Soap scented with Ginger + Orange)

A spicy, stimulating blend of aromas, Tall Dark and Handsome is an exfoliating, coffee-loving favourite that deeply nourishes your body with a warm, intense fragrance. Enriched with ginger and the citrusy scent of orange essential oil, this Soap on the Rope deeply cleanses your pores whilst invigorating your skin with the healing properties of patchouli and clove.


Woodstock. Woody Soap on a Rope with exfoliating Oatmeal and purifying Green Clay.

Retreat to the woods next time you shower as you inhale the earthy aroma of vetiver, cedar wood and patchouli. Our naturally exfoliating Woodstock soap is enriched with a warming blend of ginger, ylang-ylang, oatmeal and green clay to cleanse your skin deeply, leaving you energised and ready to take on the day.


Good Vibrations. A Lemongrass and Pink Clay Soap on a Rope with Rosemary and Grapefruit. 

Crank up the feel-good next time you shower with our Good Vibrations soap. You can purify your skin and uplift your senses while you give yourself a jolly good lather. This super cleansing, ultra-nourishing natural soap leaves skin soft and protected while its mood-boosting blend of essential oils will brighten your vibe, for all the right feels.


  • All Natural Handmade Soap on a Rope - 160g

    - Vegan 

    - Cruelty-Free

    - No Palm Oil

    - No Sulphates

    - No Parabens

    - No Petrochemicals

    - No Synthetic Colours

    - No SLS

  • Delivered within 3 working days.