Kleensoaps make cold processed vegan soap on a rope using only high quality, natural ingredients with packaging that is recycled and recyclable. Not tested on animals, Kleensoaps are hand-crafted and cured for a minimum of 4 weeks for a hard long lasting bar and beautiful creamy lather.


The aromatherapeutic scents that engulf you as you cleanse your body, to the joyful chunkiness of the bar, the tried-and-tested rope designs, all enrich your time in the shower.


Availble in 3 gorgeous scents: -


Tall Dark + Handsome (Coffee Soap scented with Ginger + Orange) A spicy, stimulating blend of aromas, Tall Dark and Handsome is an exfoliating, coffee-loving favourite that deeply nourishes your body with a warm, intense fragrance. Enriched with ginger and the citrusy scent of orange essential oil, this Soap on the Rope deeply cleanses your pores whilst invigorating your skin with the healing properties of patchouli and clove.


Morning Glory (Minty Fresh soap with exfoliating Oatmeal, Spirulina, Tea Tree + Eucalyptus). Perfect for an invigorating morning shower, Morning Glory is an infusion of vibrant essential oils, creamy butters, combined with exfoliating oatmeal to cleanse and nourish all complexions. The soothing element of shea and cocoa butter will moisturize and rejuvenate while eucalyptus and tea tree oils are renowned for their healing qualities and lifting our spirits.The addition of a mineral-rich blue-green algae nurture the skin.


Mellow Yellow (Gentle exfoliating Citrus soap with Turmeric, Oatmeal + Citronella) Vibrant in its citrus scent and turmeric colour, Mellow Yellow gently exfoliates the skin with an oatmeal scrub. This soap is consecutively radiant and soothing, with punchy citronella essential oil counterbalancing the rich creaminess of shea and cocoa butter. Preserved naturally by rosemary essential oil, this element also deeply cleanses the pores of your skin. The addition of grapefruit essential oil contributes to a fruity lather, filled with scent!


  • All Natural Handmade Soap on a Rope - 160g

    - Vegan 

    - Cruelty-Free

    - No Palm Oil

    - No Sulphates

    - No Parabens

    - No Petrochemicals

    - No Synthetic Colours

    - No SLS

  • Delivered within 3 working days.