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These beautiful body milks are made in Provence to a traditional recipe in small batches, with 98.4% natural ingredients. Ideal too as a hand lotion. Contains shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil, which nourishes skin deeply, leaving it soft and smooth. Available in 4 gorgeous scents:


No 1 Les Grandes Vacances (Amber)

A warm scent reminiscent of long summer holidays spent at the beach somewhere between Saint Tropez and Hyères. A sunny and rich, powdery amber scent, with a hint of vanilla and lemon, very mediterranean.


No 2 Matin de Printemps (Linen)

Delicately perfumed with the signature scent "Nr. 2", a childhood memory interpreted as a scent. Fresh air reminds you of clothes drying in the sun on a beautiful Spring day. A crisp and gentle scent, that makes you feel balanced and serene. With hints of lavender and musk.


No 3 Jardin d'Agrumes (Citrus)

A delicious scent of grapefruit with a hint of lemon and may remind you of a stroll through a Mediterranean garden of citrus trees. It is uplifting and energizing.


No 4 Fleurs d'Oranger (Orange Blossom)

The charming scent of blooming orange blossoms. A floral, delicious, comforting scent. Distillated orange flower water is traditionally used in Provence for everything from baking to perfuming bodies and homes. A long time ago, brides used to wear a crown of orange flowers on the day of their wedding!


    • No parabens, no silicons, no mineral oil compounds, no artificial colouring, no sulphates (SLS), no phthalates.
    • 250ml glass bottle.
    • Made in Provence, France.
  • Delivered in 3 working days.

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