Each scent has a story and individual character to evoke memories, feelings and moods.  F.Y.G. is a sustainable brand, each product being 100% natural and recyclable.


Their Hand & Body Washes come with matching Hand & Body Lotions. Both 500ml.


Chose from:


Damson Plum, Rose + Patchouli. The sweet but sassy one.

Think earthy green leaf, cedar and oakmoss meets fragrant citrus, topped with liquorice and anise. Use this to experience a tempered sweet blend set to liven your senses.


Fireside. The woody one.

Think crisp bergamot, lemon leaf and fresh eucalyptus meet woody notes of red cedar, and massoia, amber and musk. Use this to experience the exotic, rich aroma to transport your mind to cosy nights by the fire.


Lime, Basil + Mandarin. The zingy one.
Think Sicilian lime and sweet mandarin meets peppery basil and sharp notes of vetiver. Use this to experience a mouth-watering medley of fresh fragrance to make your senses zing.



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