From Cedar Lifestyle - their 'Another Place' Essential Oils collection has been hand poured into stoneware vessels from Archive, a Netherlands based design studio. These durable vessels can be cleaned and repurposed after use and each candle is  packaged in a recycled kraft cardboard box. 


Available in 3 stunning scents:


SIROCCO - Aroma - Woody, spicy, floral.

  • Neroli tones of blossom from the bitter orange trees of southern Italy, cloves and cardamom from the markets of Tangier, and Atlas Cedarwood essential oils that will fill your home, taking you on a journey to Another Place.  


SYLVAN - Aroma - fresh, woody

  • The  scent is a blend of essential oils including pine, geranium and citrus. It will take you to the silent glades, to the tranquil outdoor spaces that nobody else knows about. Places that feel most personal to you.


HALYCON - Aroma - citrus, floral, herbaceous

  • A 100% essential oil blend with notes of ylang ylang, lavender and bergamot that will take us to Another Place, to our past times, wherever they might be.



  • Each candle is made using 100% pure essential oils and European grown rapeseed wax. 155ml approximately 35-40 hours burn time.    

  • Delivered within 3 working days.

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