Maison de Tourmentin is the work of dynamic duo (and sometimes mortal enemies) Puvan Briah & Matthew Tourmentin. Matthew’s late Grandfather Ecosse Philippe Tourmentin, a carpenter from the South of France, influenced his passion for perfumery from a young age. Puvan is the Art Director and writer of Maison de Tourmentin.


Their candles are made for lovers of minimalist modern design that like to add character and personality to their spaces. The triple black aesthetic eliminates clutter and will have you displaying them long after use for the perfect plant filled ‘shelfie’.


Available in 6 stunning and long-lasting scents:


DORA - Lavender, Benzoin, Powder. The perfect partner for a dreamy night time routine.

  • Composed with notes of soothing lavender, creamy benzoin and delicate powder.
  • Undertones of jasmine and orange blossom accentuate the lavender’s soft and gentle profile without taking centre stage.
  • Inspired by a dream - we made this to emulate the peaceful moments of tranquillity before unconsciously drifting off to sleep.


FLEUR SOUL -  Heliotrope, Cognac, Suede. Perfect for setting the scene for a sexy dinner date or an evening of opulence.

  • A combination of heliatrope - sometimes nicknamed, the cherry pie flower - rich apricot cognac and a sumptuously soft suede.
  • The Suede offers a soft earthiness which we pair with a dusting of cocoa to round out the composition and bring it all together.
  • Now imagine you're in a luxurious soft suede arm chair eating a beautiful cherry pie scattered with almonds and purple flower petals and you follow off this uncharacteristically decadent dessert with a warming hit of bright apricot cognac.


PALAIS - Plum, Saffron, Ambergris and Pink Pepper. Palais is a lesson in pure hygge bliss. Perfect for spending time in the kitchen with loved ones, baking fruity pies, connecting and feeling at ease.

  • Palais’s warmth, spice and sweetness entice those that experience it’s scent, lulling them into a sense of comfort and fervour.
  • It’s heady plum is nestled amongst a bed of warm pink pepper and saffron.
  • What brings it all together is the rare ambergris, imparting a salted musk quality to the composition.


ARAMA - Rum, Rose, Opoponax. Perfect for making time for a luxurious self care ritual.

  • Matthew the perfumer of the brand uses boozy Mauritian rum married together with a classic french rose to add an earthy depth and fortitude to a traditionally delicate floral.
  • His French & Mauritian heritage inspires this juxtaposition of ingredients which is combined with opoponax for a balsamic resin finish.


TRESOR - Guaiacwood, Sandalwood, Black Agar, Precious Resins, Tonka and Vanilla. Perfect for reflecting, setting intentions and journalling.

  • Trésor encapsulates a collection of precious woods, guaicwood, otherwise known as Palo Santo or the tree of life, sandalwood and rich black agar.
  • It is finished with a subtle hint of tonka and vanilla to marry together the woody notes with a soft, sweet and sumptuous finish.'
  • The precious woods and resins have been long known for their use in spiritual practices from the burning of palo santo holy sticks in South America, to the use of sandalwood scented incense in Indian blessings and rituals - these scents are perfect for creating introspective rituals.


NERO - Oud, Neroli, Tobacco, and Oakmoss. Perfect for energising morning mantras and rejuvenating showers.

  • Nero is an exercise in bringing the outdoors inside.It is blended for those that love the fresh and herbaceous scents that nature has to offer.
  • Nero is a combination of earthy tobacco and oak moss, warm oud and sparkling neroli. Inspired by the perfumes Matthew's granddad wore as a young man in Marseille in the 60's and is an ode to the Chypre fragrance family used in perfumery that popularises the use of mosses, woods and citrus.


    • 190 grams
    • 30-40 hour burn time
  • Delivered within 3 working days.

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