Luxury Soft Alpaca Bed Socks - made in the UK.


These gorgeous Alpaca lounge socks are a luxurious partner for those treasured moments at home. Knitted to a dense weave, these Alpaca bed socks simply sink into your feet.


Wear them all around your home, or even on your travels.


Benefits of wearing Alpaca

  • Four times warmer than wool
  • Active natural fibre which wicks moisture keeping your skin cool and dry
  • Outstanding comfort, lightweight, breathable and soft to skin
  • Natural odour resistance and antibacterial properties


Available in 3 colours. All colours are sizes 4-7 UK.


    • 90% Alpaca Bed Socks
    • Made in Leicestershire, England
    • Sizes are UK 4-7 
    • Machine washable on a cold gentle cycle.
    • Dry flat